Benefits of grilling

All weather is grilling weather!  If nothing else it is a great way to get you and the family outside for a bit.

It is not only fun, gets fresh air into your lungs but it could also be good for you here are 5 healthy reasons to break out the BBQ whenever you can:

Grilled vegetables are healthier for you as they retain more of their nutrients when grilled than they do when boiled or fried. Always grill crisp fresh vegetables rather than frozen or canned ones, wrap them in foil.

Meat cooked on the grill is leaner as the fat burns off and so grilled meat is leaner with less fat content and it retains more of its nutrients when grilled especially over an open flame these nutrients are vital for a healthy diet.

You use less butter and other condiments because both vegetables and meat naturally taste better as the grill locks in moisture.